Who is Sima?

Sima’s over 35 years in the photography, image restoration and teaching responsibilities has created impressive imagery and built a growing list of satisfied clients.

Her clients have ranged from individuals to publishing companies; from contracts with corporate and government agencies to work with non-profit organizations. The National Film Board of Canada, the Alberta Ballet, Alberta Blue Cross, Alberta Drug and Alcohol Commission, Access Television and the City of Edmonton are a few of her many satisfied clients.

Sima’s photographs have been seen in prestigious publications such as Globe and Mail, Saturday Night Magazine, Chatelaine, Financial Post, Canadian Geographic, and Canada’s Nursing Magazine. Other career highlights include teaching photography at the University of Alberta and teaching specialized courses for the City of Edmonton.

Restoration Excellence

Where Sima really excels for her clients is in her outstanding knowledge of darkroom processes, printmaking, camera equipment and digital techniques enable her to execute meticulous restorations both from negative to print and or from existing photograph using digital software. Her restoration skills are much more involved than just a thorough knowledge of digital techniques and solutions for this complex use of media - she is one of a very few who can also execute restoration to both original prints and in some cases even negatives or original film. This truly sets her apart from many who are not so versed in this level of restoration to photographic images. It truly is like photographic CPR.

Photographic Excellence

Sima’s artistic approach to photographs is distinctive. She often explores the human condition in black and white creating images that emphasize line, space and light reflections. The results are provocative images that speak to her compassion and sensitivity to social injustices. Members of the audience, who attend Sima’s art gallery or museum exhibitions, will attest to the incredible stirring images that are the result of both her technical skills and her unique eye for light, shadow, color and movement.

Service Excellence

Your images, whether being taken or restored, will be in the best possible hands when Sima is behind the lens, in front of the monitor or in the dark room. Give her a call or drop her an email, for your images sake.